Web-based instruction, also called online learning or e-learning, has become one of the most useful and flexible education and training media recently. 

Action learning/blended learning are proven, effective staff development process in the face to face learning but they are only recently being explored as an e-learning instructional methodology. 

Massive Open Online Courses or MOOCs, as an alternative educational medium, have been one of the most appealing subjects in the field of online/digital education. MOOCs provide large-scale and free participation in higher education, available to a broad range of audiences from different parts of the world. 

Today, the most necessary 21st century skills and knowledge include the content of infrastructure, connectivity and digital equipment; effective digital capacity planning and development, including up-to-date organisational capabilities; digitally competent and confident teachers and education and training staff; high-quality learning content, user-friendly tools and secure platforms which respect privacy and ethical standards; digital skills and competences such as digital literacy, including fighting disinformation; computing education; and good knowledge and understanding of data-intensive technologies, like artificial intelligence. 

The LEARN & EXCHANCE project aims not only to improve the digital skills and capabilities of learners (national and international) but also to create and share standardized international online courses to provide exchange opportunities in virtual learning environments. 

Within this framework, our project aims to develop a MOOC specialising in digital transformation knowledge and skills answering the needs not only for more accessible digital education provision, but also for enhancing the action learning approach in an online environment. The project partners will publish and share their content via this MOOCs system. 

In this way, a reliable, internationally qualified platform for learners will be supplied all over the world related to “digital transformation”, “data management and visualization”, “digital literacy”, “information organization and access”, “user experience design” and "spotting and fighting with disinformation" .

It is also planned to produce language packs created within different languages (English, Turkish, French, Italian, Bulgarian, Estonian, and Hungarian) filling a substantial gap in provision of specialised educational content in languages other than English. 

Our project answers three current needs - 1. the need for more free specialised content in the domain of digital transformation which is relatively new and is not very well supported by the existing educational provision; 2. the need to provide such content in different languages which in some cases totally lack any available digital education resources on digital transformation (Turkish, Bulgarian, Estonian and Hungarian), and 3. and the need to experiment and introduce more action based learning practices in the online education and share experiences with the educational community.

Last modified: Monday, 3 October 2022, 7:47 AM